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Saludos Amigas y Amigos!

Many of you have asked about what comes in the KITs that the GRACE Project (Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children's Education) is producing here and distributing in SWFL and Guatemala.

Here's a photo of the contents; all items are washable and reusable, and all are hand made by our own UUCFM volunteers and friends, except for the underwear.  The materials will last three years.

Each colorful cotton drawstring BAG (samples on the right) contains:

  1. Three (3) Fertility Bracelets (rhythm method count with beads, 85% reliable) with instructions,
  2. Two (2)  shields, three-layered (cotton-PUL poly-cotton) with pockets for the pads and snaps to hold around the underwear,
  3.  Six reusable (6) flannel pads, to fold into shield pockets,
  4. A sample of the PUL poly, to show how the shield protects clothing,
  5. Drawn instructions for use of menstrual pads,
  6. a gallon zip bag to carry used pads, and
  7.  two pair of cotton underwear, Girls' size 14.

These life-changing GRACE Kits will go to 500 women in rural Guatemala this year, 2019. Last year we distributed, in workshops, 800 Reproductive Health Kits in Guatemala, Cuba, and around Southwest Florida.

Thank you to all in the UUCFM Congregation who support our labors.
Muchísimas gracias,
Genelle G. Grant, Ed.D.
Director, GRACE Project