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Maya Ceremony

 Ritmo Maya - Mayan Rhythm


The meaning of the four Cardinal Points, Los cuatro puntos cardinales, from the Popul Vul, the Maya Book of Creation:

The measuring string ws brought and it was spread to reach to heaven and earth, to the four angles, and to the four corners, as it was decreed by the Creator and Founder, the mother and the father of life, of all that is created, of that which gives breath and thought, the one that gives birth to the children, the one that prays for the happiness of the world, for the happiness of human descent, the wise on, the one that meditates on the goodness of all that exists in heaven, on earth, in the lakes and in the ocean.


Today, the Maya come and harvest bamboo to make drums, called Tuns. Led by Marta Matias, a Maya Priestess and Happehatchee Advisor, the musical group Espiritu Maya composed an album full of music inspired by Happehatchee. Their album, Ritmo Maya (Mayan Rhythm) is available on Amazon.


Listen to some samples from this album:

Track 2 - Mayan Dance

Track 4 - Nature

Track 7 - Mayan Rhythm